9 TikTok Approved Hacks That Will Help You Look Better In Holiday Photos

The holidays are a magical time of year for a million reasons—there’s undeniable, buzzy excitement in the air, people are filled with more joy and love, and the streets are filled with twinkling lights and flurries of snow. Even our generally mundane morning commute feels more thrilling because of the addition of holiday music and peppermint mocha creamer in our coffee.

But one of the inevitable parts of the holiday season that isn’t always so magical is the excess of photo-taking that comes with it. Who wants to be documented after carb-loading and downing three glasses of jingle juice? Not I. But luckily, there are a few TikTok hacks that you can use to make sure that you’re always looking your best in photos this season.


1. Keep open space above your head

Especially during the hustle and bustle that is this season, you’re probably trying to snap a quick pic before rushing to a holiday party, but slow down to look at what you’re actually getting in the photo. Oftentimes, we focus more on how we look and less on how the photo itself looks, but that can compromise the quality of the photo as a whole. One thing to remember? Keep the ground out of your photo.


@noellesimpson_ Stop making this mistake when taking photos 😭 #phototips #posingtips #noellesimpson #photos #photoideas ♬ Remember – Acoustic / Sped Up – Becky Hill & Speed Radio




2. Change the camera perspective

Still taking photos straight on? This is your sign to change the camera perspective. Make sure you are still at the forefront of the photo but have your photographer (IG husband, BFF, or mom) move to the side instead of directly in front of you. This will instantly change the dynamic of the photo, create more depth, and increase visual interest.

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3. Place your body along the x-axis

Trust us, this tip is way more useful than the x- and y-axis we used in algebra class. If you are ever unsure about what to do in a photo and you feel awkward just standing there, remembering to align your body along the x-axis will instantly loosen you up. This is an especially good tip for shorter girls because it will lengthen your legs, arms, and torso.

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4. Add movement & personality

One of our favorite tricks is moving around while posing. Sometimes, the in-between shots that involve motion turn out better than highly posed ones that only involve smiling. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and have fun with it! Dance around, laugh, be yourself, and be confident. Your photos will turn out natural and totally you.

@lookgoodinphotos Stop doing boring poses! Here’s a fun and easy way you can pose with your best friend at a party, wedding or club! #TikTokTaughtMe #TikTokPartner #howtopose #friendposes ♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj


5.  Take photos from a high angle

This angle will make your photos more eye-catching and is flattering for anyone who is sitting down. If your mom likes to take terrible pictures of you and your siblings opening gifts on the floor Christmas morning, direct her to take the photos from a high angle this year instead. 

@emmasevilles get up there & zoom #igtipsandtricks #igtips #instagram #iginspo #ighelp ♬ betty – Yung Gravy 🍯


6. Use the wide angle lens or 2x zoom

The cameras in our phones just keep getting better, so we might as well learn how to put all of the features to good use. And what better time than when you’re going to be taking a million photos of your holiday ‘fits? Use the wide-angle lens and position your body in the middle of the screen. Your body will be in the smallest part of the photo and the edges will be distorted—putting all the attention on you! If you want to take detail shots, use the 2x zoom feature instead of manually zooming in with your fingers.

@noellesimpson_ Save this tip for your next photo seshhhh #photoideas #posingtips ♬ original sound – ST ❤️‍🔥😚


7. Know your angles

I have a good side, you have a good side, we all have a good side (unless Hailey Bieber is reading this). While it may or may not be worth it to take down your grandma to get your preferred angle in a picture, it’s definitely worth it to figure out which views of you you feel the most comfortable with.

@noellesimpson_ Reply to @legally.blonde.jessica how to find your angles!! What else can I answer for you? 🤍 #posing #posingtips #noellesimpson ♬ freaky friday – 🍪


8. Create triangles

Models and influencers alike are raving about how creating triangles with your body will help your poses appear less stale and awkward. Since the triangle shape creates visual interest, it keeps the eye moving around the photo. Try it using your arms, legs, and even accessories, and see quickly how it transforms your selfie game.

@americanthreads Triangles will help your posing look more natural & balanced! Who has tried this?!🔺#mirrorselfie #posingtips #posingideas #modelingtips #cameratricks ♬ Playboi Carti – Sky – Tik Toker


9. Avoid common mistakes

If the posing tips and tricks that you try feel a little unnatural, don’t worry. With small adjustments and awareness of common mistakes, you can still look great in holiday photos. These are the mistakes that people make the most often that you should avoid: slouching their shoulders, standing awkwardly, and looking directly at the camera. Keep these things in mind when you are in front of the camera either by yourself or with a group of friends, adjust your pose accordingly, and don’t forget to have fun!

@melhwang Posing mistakes and how to easily fix them 👆🏻🙆🏼‍♀️ #posingtips #posingideas #posing101 #posingtip ♬ original sound – mel hwang



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