China’s Lockdown of 25 Million People Stirs Fears of Food Shortages

SHANGHAI, April 5 (Reuters) – Residents of Shanghai, China’s largest city, are facing a deepening humanitarian crisis as a strict COVID-19 lockdown enters its third week, with growing fears of food shortages, inadequate medical care and a lack of basic necessities.

The lockdown, imposed on March 28 to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases, has left many of the city’s 25 million residents struggling to access food and other essential supplies. Supermarkets have been emptied by panic buyers, and online grocery delivery services have been overwhelmed.

Videos and social media posts have emerged showing residents pleading for food and medical assistance, while others have expressed frustration and anger at the government’s handling of the crisis.

One resident, who gave her name as Zhang, told Reuters that she had not been able to buy food for her family for three days. .

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