China’s Zhihu Acquires Live Audio Platform Liangliang

Chinese question-and-answer platform Zhihu has acquired Liangliang, a live audio platform, for an undisclosed sum, according to a statement released by Zhihu on Thursday..

The acquisition is part of Zhihu’s strategy to expand its content offerings and create a more comprehensive platform for users. Liangliang, which launched in 2020, has amassed a large user base and hosts a variety of live audio content, including talks, discussions, and performances..

Zhihu plans to integrate Liangliang’s live audio capabilities into its own platform, allowing users to host and participate in live audio sessions. The integration is expected to enhance Zhihu’s community engagement and provide users with a new way to interact with content and each other..

The acquisition comes at a time when live audio is gaining popularity in China. Clubhouse, the invite-only live audio app, has sparked a wave of interest in the format, and several Chinese tech companies have launched their own live audio platforms..

Zhihu is one of the most popular question-and-answer platforms in China, with over 300 million registered users. The platform has been expanding its content offerings in recent years, adding features such as live streaming, short videos, and podcasts..

The acquisition of Liangliang is expected to further strengthen Zhihu’s position in the Chinese content market and help it compete with other tech companies that are also investing in live audio..

In addition to the acquisition, Zhihu also announced that it has raised $400 million in a new funding round led by DST Global and Coatue. The funding will be used to support Zhihu’s growth and expansion plans..

Zhihu is facing increasing competition from other Chinese tech companies, such as ByteDance and Tencent, which are also investing heavily in content platforms. The acquisition of Liangliang and the new funding round will help Zhihu strengthen its position in the market and continue to grow its user base..

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