5 Stylish Tips for Inspired Local Action: Zoey Tay

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Television actress Zoey Tay is an avid advocate for various charities, and she recently launched her own fashion label, ZOEY24/7, with part of the proceeds going to her chosen beneficiaries. Here are some of her fashion and lifestyle tips..

1. **Dress with a purpose.**.

For Tay, fashion is more than just looking good. She believes that it can also be a force for good, which is why she chose to create a fashion label that gives back to the community. She hopes that her clothes will inspire others to get involved in local charities and to make a difference in their own communities..

2. **Be comfortable in your clothes.**.

Getting involved in local community service can often involve physical work, so when Tay is volunteering she likes to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow her to move freely. She also chooses clothes that are made from sustainable materials, which is better for the environment..

3. **Choose clothes that make you feel confident.**.

When Tay is volunteering, she wants to feel confident and empowered. She chooses clothes that make her feel good about herself and that reflect her personal style. She believes that when you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to be engaged and make a positive impact in your community..

4. **Accessorize with meaningful items.**.

Tay often accessorizes her outfits with pieces that have special meaning to her. For example, she might wear a necklace with a pendant that represents a cause she cares about, or a bracelet that was made by a local artisan. These accessories help her to connect with her community and to show her support for the causes she cares about..

5. **Shop local.**.

Tay is a big supporter of local businesses, and she often shops for clothes and accessories at local boutiques and markets. She believes that shopping local helps to support the community and to create jobs. She also makes an effort to buy products that are made from sustainable materials and that are produced in an ethical way..

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