8 Fun Ways To Make the Morning of Your Wedding Even More Special

There’s nothing quite like the day you get married. You’re bound to be a bundle of nerves and excitement as you prepare to start the next chapter of your life with your partner surrounded by all your friends and family. It’s a big day filled with lots of excitement. But especially if your ceremony is later in the day, you often have quite a bit of time between waking up and walking down the aisle. You’ll no doubt spend a good chunk of the morning and afternoon getting ready, but what do you do between hair and makeup appointments, getting-ready photos, and putting on your dress?

While it’s not necessary to have every little moment scheduled, it’s nice to have an idea of how you’d like to spend downtime throughout the day. Here are a few wedding morning ideas you can do with your bridal party to set you up for a relaxed and joy-filled day.


Have a Hearty Meal

Amid all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget to eat until you’re sitting down at the reception. But fueling up is especially important on your wedding day. You definitely don’t want to feel light-headed—or worse, hangry—and starting with a hearty breakfast is a great way to ease into the day with your bridal party. If you’re not the type to eat first thing in the morning, schedule a lunch break so you can relax for a while and eat a good meal mid-day. Or do both! Satisfying meals will not only keep you nourished and energized, but you’ll keep your bridal party feeling great, too.


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Share a Toast

While you enjoy your breakfast or lunch, take in everyone around you. Leading up to my wedding day, the one piece of advice I received over and over was to pause, look around, and take mental snapshots throughout the day. Your wedding day is one of the rare moments in your life when all of your closest friends and family are together in one room. Take time to soak it all in—it’ll help you stay present and grounded. You’re likely the one who will be toasted throughout the day, so don’t be afraid to raise a glass to your bridal party and thank them for being with you on your big day!


Work Out or Practice Yoga

If I don’t move my body in some way in the morning, all that extra energy can make me anxious throughout the day. This applied tenfold on my wedding day and when I was a bridesmaid, too! A group exercise class or a heart-centered yoga flow is a fun way to kick off the day before you dive into your busy schedule. Participation could be optional, of course, but breaking a sweat and moving your body will help you shake off any pre-wedding jitters before the action starts.


Give Out Bridesmaids Gifts

Gifting your bridal party is a way to say thank you for everything your bridesmaids have done for you throughout the wedding planning process and beyond. Consider waiting until the day of to distribute the gifts, which will make the morning a little more special. You can either have gifts waiting for your crew as they arrive or have everyone open their gifts at the same time to make it more of a moment. Kind of like Christmas morning!


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Wear Matching Outfits

If you decide to give your bridesmaids gifts, why not include matching robes or pajamas? Not only do matching outfits make adorable photos, but your bridesmaids will appreciate having something cute to relax in while getting ready. To make this a gift your bridal party will use beyond your wedding day, try to choose colors and patterns each bridesmaid will love, and avoid any sort of specific labeling, like “Bridesmaid” across the back.


Ask For Marriage Advice

At the last wedding where I was a bridesmaid, the bride took a moment in between getting ready to ask all the married women in the room for wedding advice. This sweet conversation starter opened up the circle to everyone, including the mothers of the bride and groom. As someone with a husband, I loved hearing all the nuggets of wisdom, but it was particularly special for the bride as she geared up for her own ceremony.


Dance to a Fun Playlist

This is the perfect task to delegate to a bridesmaid who has impeccable taste in music and knows how to set the mood. Have a portable speaker handy, and consider switching up your playlists for different times of the day. Maybe you start the morning with a chill playlist, then crank up some more upbeat music to keep your energy lifted in the afternoon. Dancing is another way to shake off pre-wedding anxiety if waking up to work out is just not for you. Consider it a preview of what’s to come on the reception dance floor!


Pull Cards From an Affirmation Deck

Setting an intention for your wedding day is a great way to slow down and remind yourself of what’s most important to you. If you need a little inspiration, try pulling cards from an affirmation deck. Each member of your bridal party can pick their own card and share what they get. We did this at the last wedding I was a part of, and it was a fun way to infuse even more good vibes into an already joy-filled day!


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