Of All Tom Sandoval’s Excuses, the T-Shirt-During-Sex Dig Was Actually the Worst

Tom Sandoval said a lot of shitty things during the three-part Vanderpump Rules, but there’s one comment in particular that will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. The T-shirt comment. A comment so low it left even the Vanderpump Rules cast momentarily speechless. It reverberated across the internet as viewers glimpsed the misogyny at his core, and perhaps wondered how many more such Sandovals walk secretly among us, who may have said or thought such a thing about them.

When Andy Cohen asked Sandoval whether he’d slept with any other women after Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix interjected, “You know who he did sleep with after he and Raquel started sleeping together? Me.” Sandoval’s astonishing response was a bitterly sarcastic “Yeah, she kept her T-shirt on; it was really hot.” For once, the entire stage was silent. Cohen cringed. Tom Schwartz buried his face in his knees. Finally Lala Kent jumped in with the only reasonable thing to say in such a situation: “You’re such a fucking dick.”

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The Vindication of Ariana Madix 

Before Vanderpump Rules, before Scandoval, before the (almost) 2 million Instagram followers, she was a master of reinvention. The newest version of Ariana Madix? Stronger, freer, and—yes—richer.

There’s honestly not much Sandoval could have done or said at this reunion to make his situation any better, but his best bet would have been to sit quietly and eat the shit he knew was coming his way and try his best to look contrite. But Sandy does not have Leviss’s fortitude when it comes to weathering a verbal beatdown, and his castmates across the stage were giving his well-rehearsed narrative no quarter. So he snapped. Had he been at his mom’s house, he might have punched a hole in the wall.

All season long Sandoval has been trying and failing to sell the spin that the spark had left his relationship with Madix while his feelings for Leviss grew to such a point they became irresistible (but just once!). This little dig, however, shows us what he looks like in the cold, hard light of day. Sandoval decided Madix was failing to meet his personal hotness standard, so he fucked her friend instead. You might think from this comment that Madix’s primary value to Sandoval was boobs, and he doesn’t say much that would contradict that impression. 

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